Fees to find and deliver

Current newspapers and magazines

To have the latest news and information delivered to your area, you simply pay the cost of the publication and a small delivery fee of up to 15 cents per copy if you’re within our distribution area. A delivery fee of up to $2 may be incurred for titles being brought in from interstate or overseas.

Back issue newspapers and magazines

Fees will vary based on how long ago your desired title was published and whether or not we have the title in stock.

Time frame Cost (incl. GST)
Under one week Publication price
Between one week and one month old Publication price + $2
Between one month and twelve months old Publication price + $5
Over twelve months old Publication price + $10

For publications no longer in stock, we’ll make every effort to source it for you. In this instance, the item price will be determined on application.

Delivery fees for back issues of newspapers and magazines

Price of publication plus:

Delivery Area Cost (excl. GST)
Delivered within our distribution area $2
Posted within our distribution area $2 + all associated postage costs
Posted outside our distribution area Price on application

Payment methods

For your convenience, we accept most payment methods including cash, EFT, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and cheques for approved customers.

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